Sunless Skies Albion KS

A locomotive docked in an Albion port

Albion is the British Empire's domain in the High Wilderness, illuminated by a clockwork sun and galvanized by the new industry of mining and refining time itself. All space that lies beyond Albion is known as the Reach. Its hub is London - actual Victorian London - which has been hurled into the High Wilderness. Queen Victoria rules here from the Throne of Hours, granting her control over time itself.


Sunless Skies Albion map KS

A navigational chart of Albion

  • New London
  • Throne of Hours
  • Avid Horizon
  • Clockwork Sun
  • Brabazon Workworld
  • Prince-Consort's Mausoleum
  • Bully's Acre
  • Worlebury-juxta-Mare
  • Minerva
  • Lothian - named after a real place, in Scotland
  • Sky Barnet
  • Floating Parliament
  • Isambard Line