"Furtive faithful gather in the shadows between the many, many candles. A bell tolls in the chapel tower: cracked iron laughter. Beware. The isle is full of voices."


A light in the distance. Art from Sunless Sea.

The Chapel of Lights is an island church community located just south of Avid Horizon. It's nearly covered in candles, as described above; there is also a very large well on the island.

The Smiling Priest and the followers on the island worship the Drowned Man, aka Mr Eaten - who used to be Mr. Candles. Make sense now? As such, it's a stop on the journey North for those Seeking the Name (who might be headed for Avid Horizon - this is speculative).

Unbeknownst to the Dark-Spectacled Admiral in London, who thinks they're merely slightly cracked heretics, the inhabitants of the island practice cannibalism. One may accidentally fall into this depraved practice if one partakes of the Smiling Priest's hospitality too liberally. Those who have already acquired a taste for human flesh may perform dark rituals here.

Many people suspect that a certain "deceased" Master of the Bazaar was drowned beneath this island.


Art from FL