"Wherever there's poverty, darkness, despair, there's folk to make a profit on it. And London has these a-plenty."


Criminals. Smugglers, counterfeiters, cutpurses, burglars. What would probably be called the underworld in other cities is simply mainstream in Fallen London. Which, of course, means that the general populace has to watch its valuables much more closely.

Criminal BossesEdit

Jack Jack of Smiles is...
...London's most famous and infamous murderer. He's actually a set of living Polythremean knives that can possess people and make them into murderers. Oddly enough, he was created by Mr Spices. It wanted him to somehow create more love stories for the Bazaar, but that went horribly wrong.

Who Works with Criminals?Edit

Note: these types also work with revolutionaries.

What do Criminals Trade In?Edit

The Marred Mercer is both rogue and fabric dealer. An interesting combination, but it's true that criminals and silkweavers both tend to lurk in Spite...

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