"Drownies built a copy of London as it never was: a cathedral, and houses, and fields of flowers, all underwater. The water is cool and luminous, and at the same time it is breathable air."


Hauntingly beautiful. And dead. (art from Sunless Sea)

Perhaps some of the drownies miss their old homes in London. Perhaps they simply wanted to have a place to live and had no other inspiration. Regardless, Dahut is surprisingly blissful for a city filled to the brim with walking drowned corpses. Drownie hymns and moans fill the air, and when caught up in the festivities and singing one might feel as if one is enjoying a warm summer day. If you listen to the hymns long enough perhaps one can make out what they mean, or perhaps they will drive one mad with fear.

Captains in the vicinity are advised to tread carefully, as the song of the drownies can be indirectly fatal.

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