"The Bazaar's conveniently located for Hell, and Hell's envoys keep stalls and warehouses here. Which is great if you want to buy brass, obsidian, sulphur, hydrogen, devilbone or any of Hell's other well-known exports. Or if you want to sell souls. But you shouldn't do that."


The Quiet Deviless, Hell's poster girl. Art by Paul Arendt.

Courteous, rapacious, merciless, beguiling: devils, the emissaries of Hell (now just west of London), are in London for one purpose: souls. And perhaps the company, the sights, and a little chamber-music. They run and patronize several establishments in the vicinity of Ladybones Road; for example, Dante's Grill, the Long Spoon, Abbadon and Bael Trading Co., and of course, the Brass Embassy.

History Edit

What exactly are they?
Devils once lived in the dream-dimension Parabola, in a giant beehive. They were actually bees, back then, and they're still bees. Just wrapped up in all sorts of disguises.

After leaving Parabola for Hell, the devils began to be ruled by princes, but these were all overthrown in one "season of revolutions." Most of the princes now live in exile in the crater of Mount Palmerston. The Brass Embassy will now pay a fortune for the whereabouts of just one of them.

More recently, London attempted to invade Hell; see The Campaign of '68. This infernal region has also gained a colony: the Iron Republic, south of London. It seems to be a sort of experiment in chaos run by devils, whose subjects are humans.

Notable Devils Edit

  • (Un?)Lucky Londoners may have romantic dealings with the Affectionate Devil and/or the Quiet Deviless.
  • Virginia is a high-ranking deviless who seeks the souls of the learned and well-known. She is also something of a history buff, so in her pursuit of Fourth City artifacts, she tends to be a nuisance to London's archaeologists.
  • The Wistful Deviless is an agent of uncertain loyalties who guards the exiled devils in Mount Palmerston.

Who Works with the Devils?Edit

(Note: these folks also work with urchins.)

What Do Devils Trade In?Edit

The Infernal Sommelier will take hellish liquor for souls, or vice versa. He'll give his best customers brass rings.