"Feducci claims that only a duel to the death can make him feel alive. He is often described as an exiled prince of the tomb-colonies, but you've been around him enough to wonder. Where is he really from?"

Feducci Poster

Feducci, seen on his campaign poster

Feducci is an accomplished duelist and self-proclaimed prince of the Tomb-Colonies — and as of 10 July, 1895, the current Mayor of London. He really hails from the Elder Continent; he may shun this backstory because he strongly dislikes Snuffers. Indeed, Feducci aided the Devils when they overthrew their princes, and indications exist that Feducci served as a slaver on their ships during the Campaign of '68.

Nemesis Ambition: Nemesis
According to another expatriate of the Elder Continent, an inmate in the Grand Sanatorium, both she and Feducci used to work together as agents of the Presbyter. If taken at her word, Feducci is the Presbyter's agent in London.

He runs several fighting rings around Fallen London that are training grounds for those who seek to join his elite dueling club, the Black Ribbon. The Black Ribbon used to be more about hunting dangerous creatures. Now, though this does not seem to be Feducci's fault, the club members prefer to fight each other to the permanent death. In fact, he has permanently killed several Black Ribbon duellists himself. He is at least partially immortal (possibly due to the fact that he's from the Elder Continent, where everything is alive), as he is able to recover from mortal wounds most Londoners couldn't possibly recuperate from.

Feducci was the first candidate to announce their participation in the 1895 election for the Mayor of London, running on a slogan of "Fair Game, Fair Play". He talked of an egalitarian vision for London, where all could rise up to their full potential and then gamble it away again. By the half-way mark Feducci had become the frontrunner for the election, and though his dealings with hell and struggles to turn his principles into policies were discovered, he continued on to win the position.

"All Could Rise, Most Shan't. Equality in Death, Liberty in License."


Feducci (art from Fallen London)

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