"A hump of dark rock swathed in mist, like a hundred other Unterzee islands. But here's a grand house, windows aglow. Lawns, impossibly green and lush in the false-star light. Raked gravel paths. You stand on the dock as the sea nudges the ship's sides. An unexpectedly warm breeze carries the faintest trace of lavender."

"A rambling country house, perched on cliff-tops of a half-drowned Unterzee island. The gardens are beautifully tended. Nobody talks about the strange light that shines from the coast at night."

"Who lives at Hunter's Keep? Some say a coven of witches. Some say a community of cats. Some say the island is haunted by the spirits of disgruntled vicars."


Little house, big secrets. (art from SS)

Hunter's Keep
is the smallest island (or one of the smallest) in the Southern Archipelago. It is inhabited by three young ladies - musical Phoebe, extroverted Lucy (Lucina), and mature Cynthia - who live in a single cottage and each have their own sad past. All three, it is said, are descendants of ancient Greek oracles.

Underneath the Keep, deep in the cellars, a tributary of the Writhing River (writhing all the way from Parabola) flows. Weaker, since it obeys physics, but the Writhing River all the same.  Perhaps this is even the source of the well water here. Worrying.


Art from FL