"What can you find in Ladybones Road? Moloch Street Underground Station is the first stop on the journey to Hell. Clathermont's Tattoo Parlour, haunt of spies, is here. Hangman's Arch can be a good place to hear gossip, and is always a good place for a hanging."


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Ladybones Road
is both a district of London and a street for which the district was named, in the West End of Fallen London. It's home to several landmarks for those associated with Hell and the Great Game.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Moloch Street, the center of Hell's businesses (née Baker Street)
  • Moloch Street Underground Station (along the way to Hell)
  • Abbadon and Bael Trading Company (satellite warehouses/offices outside Hell)
  • The entrance to the Clay Quarters (a maze of tunnels beneath the city, home of the clay men)
  • Hangman's Arch
  • Concord Square
  • Big King Square

Old Name: Marylebone

Original by NiteBrite/Mrs. Brite