"A sunken church with docking ports. Sediment has built up against the lower walls, and long ago chocked crypts and crooked tombstones. The interior is sealed; yet the deep peals of the tower's bell can be felt even through a zubmarine hull."


(art from Sunless Sea)

Low Barnet is a sunken church with no altar, no priests, and no god. The congregation is one of storytellers, and the church is one of stories and tales of great feats. Captains can come and tell the congregation of their adventures in the deep Zee. One might tell tales so revolting the locals flee the room, or stories so enthralling they invite you to their ranks. Contests are held regularly to see who has the most fascinating tales beneath the Zee.

Those who win the contest are allowed entry into the Bell Tower. The Bell within is actually a living creature that devours those who ring it, both body and soul.