"The prison regulars call it 'the Spike', or, sometimes, 'the Ceiling Academy'."

"The windowless tip of the stalactite which contains the prison is for solitary confinement, and the oubliettes."

"They say that where the stalactite meets the cavern roof, they've laid charges of blasting powder, and if the prisoners ever riot, they'll blow the charges and let the whole thing drop into the Unterzee. It'd make quite a splash."

"Prisoners are required to wear masks. You could ask the gaolers why, but they're mute. Or perhaps just very unfriendly."


Yep. It's a stalactite alright. (art from Fallen London)

New Newgate, London's major prison post-Fall, is a fortress carved from a massive stalactite. All its prisoners are required to wear masks. Supplies and prisoners are brought in and out of the prison via airship. Strangely enough, these supplies include large quantities of candles. Guess why. Unpleasantly, and on a slightly related note, prisoners have been known to be found with their masks missing, with swaths of the skin beneath torn away. Guess why.

Art from FL