"Silas is not the blazing star he was. But he has a fund of anecdotes laid down like cannon-shot in a deep cellar. He will demolish your guests' defences. Perhaps."


(art from Fallen London)

Silas the Showman is quite a character: an excellent actor who performs in Mahogany Hall, but also a drunk, and rather down on his luck. He dresses up as Mr Sacks and parades around London collecting gifts for one day each Sacksmas. He may be recognized by his lisp.

You may invite Silas to your Salon...

"This evening, Silas is a surprise. He arrives gravely sober, in immaculate evening-dress. He conducts an hour-long lecture on the wars of the Fourth City: the battles they conducted against the Motherlings who worshipped spiders, the Rosers and their patrons in Parabola, and the Copper with their black knives and butterfly-gods. He is well-informed and witty and he has all the performer's skills you might expect. The audience is entertained and informed. He leaves before you have a chance to thank him.

The next day, he calls on you to apologise for missing the Salon. You are confused. He is confused. Confusion reigns. He swears he never crossed your threshold..."