"There are many ladies of negotiable virtue in Fallen London, but Sinning Jenny is certainly the most notorious. She is said to have strangled quite a senior devil with a pair of scarlet stockings, a gift from Mr Wines. Although there seems to be some confusion about whether this was in fact a paid service. (Probably not the sort of girl you could take home to your parents.)"

Sinning Jenny Campaign Poster

Sinning Jenny, a prioress from Abbey Rock, runs the Parlour of Virtue. (Yes, a nun running a brothel!) She is a favorite of the Masters, especially Mr. Wines. She was also Mayor of London for a year after winning the 1894 election in a landslide, having run on a platform of social reform under the slogan "Fortune Favours the Bold".

The 1894 Fruits of the Zee Festival
Sinning Jenny had a rebellious moment on Mutton Island as a novice; she never did renounce her vows, but she did throw her wimple into the zee. The lucky person who recovers her wimple will hear of her sincerity in wanting to help the poor, and her growing suspicion of the Masters of the Bazaar.