“A colloquial term for the tribe of face-thieves that prowls the back-rooms, parlours and sculleries in Fallen London. They are named for their appetite for candles, which they devour – though none knows whether they crave the wax, or the flame. They are searching for something, or perhaps somewhere. Facts are elusive, for they change faces as often as a gentleman changes his waistcoat.”

-Baedeker’s Guide to Subterranean Elements of the British Empire


What even is that thing? (art from Fallen London)

One of the more unsavory species from the Elder Continent, snuffers are a type of disturbing infiltrator-creature that has settled in possibly every major community in the Neath. Snuffers not only can disguise themselves as any human, ripping off their faces to use for their own goals, but are a immense danger to anyone around them. Snuffers are surprisingly fast and strong for their size, and a single Snuffer can easily overtake their opponent in a one-on-one fight, even if caught off guard. Fallen London's Department of Menace Eradication and the Presbyterate spend a great deal of time and effort into rooting out Snuffers, but despite this it is impossible to tell how many citizens of the empire are secretly monsters in disguise.

While the Snuffers have no real organization, at least one apparent to the common man, it is widely recognized that the legendary Thief-of-Faces, the original Snuffer, holds sway over many of them. What the Thief-of-Faces and his followers want is not clear, although it may have to do with his lover Stone and perhaps the Judgements themselves. Despite rampant prejudice against them, several elements in Fallen London, from criminal organizations to members of London's elite, also use Snuffers as their ideal spies and informants.

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