"Riches, power, beauty, refinement. The great, if not necessarily the good."

Society: it would be considered normal in other cities, but in London it's the elite, the upper class, the celebrities, the royals. Its members host salons, establish orphanages and charities, and perform other acts of goodwill. Even if they're not exactly good-willed.

Notable Figures in SocietyEdit

  • The Duchess is basically a crazy cat lady, but she's not crazy, and she's hiding her true identity.
  • His Amused Lordship heads the Dilmun Club, a society that sponsors voyages of exploration.
  • Mr. John Huffam, aka Charles Dickens, is the rather progressive editor of the Unexpurgated London Gazette, which is one of London's most well-known newspapers.
  • The Veteran Privy Counsellor aids upstart artists at the Empress' Court.
  • The Wry Functionary is a talkative civil servant/spy who counts numerous up-and-coming Londoners of Some Importance among his acquaintances.

What Can High Society Grant You?Edit

Society literally runs on rumor. Its members might quietly help one confirm some recent gossip.