"What can you find in the Bazaar Sidestreets? Respectable firms crammed into ramshackle workshops and poky offices. The rent here is astronomical. But the quick and the hungry turn profits in the shadows of the spires. Just keep your eyes off the carvings up high. And whatever you do, don't fall in love."


(art from Fallen London)

The Bazaar Sidestreets are only accessible to People of Some Importance, but they have quite lucrative business opportunities for these well-known figures.

By the way, why shouldn't you fall in love in the Bazaar? You see, the Masters like love stories...

Notable Businesses and LocationsEdit

  • Empire Adornments, a jewelry dealer
  • Blackfinger Street, where all the publishers and writers do business
  • The Horse-Steak Club, a tavern of some note
  • Baseborn and Fowlingpiece, the Neath's best provider of legal documents and permits
  • The Great Downward Engineering Company, hawking interesting contraptions and cheap labor
  • The Bridge Without, another tavern of some note
  • B&F's employee, the Intense Notary, whose prices are listed in Fate

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