"The Captivating Princess was born in the year of the Fall. She wears scandal like a Parisian gown, and is rumoured to have a taste for honey."


The Captivating Princess: larger art by Paul Arendt.

The Captivating Princess is the Traitor Empress's youngest child, and the only non-historical member of the British royal family.

Unlike the rest of her family – who rarely stray far from the Shuttered Palace since their power and popularity has largely crumbled – the Captivating Princess is very much a social butterfly. She moves both in the most rarefied circles of high society and the most unsavory places in all of London. Her honey habit is common knowledge: she's even rumored to have her own honey-den in Veilgarden.

However, scandal only seems to enhance her mystique. She's renowned as an arresting beauty, and stays a most desirable guest at salons. She has never terrified anyone, although it seems she - or something about her - has somehow driven several lovers to suicide. And rumor has it that she has red eyes, but this might be only when she's honey-dreaming...

Original by NiteBrite/Mrs. Brite

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