"The Carnelian Coast marks the edge of the vast and mysterious Elder Continent, far across the Unterzee. Some travellers call it a Neathy paradise. Others decline to comment."' 

"The Bazaar has outposts all over the Neath. Some are opulent palaces; others simple shacks by the side of the road. One or two on the Carnelian Coast are camel-trains that move from port to port to trade with merchant steamers."

The Carnelian Coast, across the Unterzee from London, lies west of the Crying Heights, on the Elder Continent. It is a center of sapphire mining and is home to Port Carnelian, a vibrant port frequented by travellers from around the Unterzee and London’s first and only colonial holding in the Neath.


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Port Carnelian Edit


Port Carnelian. Art from Sunless Sea.

Eminent Londoners may become governor of Port Carnelian (based in Heartscross House) after rising through the ranks at the The Foreign Office. One's main difficulties as governor are a balancing act between keeping Her Majesty's subjects, the native tigers, and Khaganians (citizens of the Khanate) happy.

The colony boasts a market known as the Blue Bazaar. (This seems to be 'bazaar' in the generic sense; it does not have a known connection with The Echo Bazaar.)


Art from FL

Real-Life Inspirations Edit

Port Carnelian was inspired by colonial-era Singapore, which was one of the British Straits Settlements. People in Singapore were often eaten by tigers before the animals were wiped out. In the Neath, this is supposed to have included Sir Stamford Raffles' son Leopold, but it turns out he survived and became the Pirate-King of the Isle of Cats. (In real life, Leopold died in an epidemic.)