"Churches still hold services, London still has its bishops, the Traitor Empress is still the head of the Church of England. Theology has become more flexible, of course. People are more polite about Hell. A few of the saints seem to have had a change of name."

The Anglican Church still survives in London. It just has to be more delicate about devils, because after all, it's now among devils...
Angel Saints Mentioned in Fallen London and Sunless Sea
  • St. John - the Baptist is definitely mentioned; the Evangelist may be as well.
  • St. Matthew
  • St. Joshua - patron of spies
  • St. Fiacre - patron of medicine and gardeners
  • St. Cyriac - patron of learning (this is a definite attribute change)
  • St. Dunstan - patron of smiths of every kind, as well as musicians
  • St. Meliflua - patron of anarchists and devils (ahistorical)
  • Mr. Eaten's saints: Arthur, Beau, Cerise, Destin, Erzulie, Forthigan, and Gawain. Many of these names belong to legendary figures, but not saints.
  • Saints Gertrude de Nivelles, Stephen-in-the-River, Aegidius, Simeon, Giles, Nathanael, Vincent of Saragossa, Guthlac, Leonard, Cyril, Agafa, Sebastian, Brillifage, Ulrich, Erasmus, and Cadfael all are mentioned in events. Some are real, while others are fictional.
Appallingsecret Some Intriguing Snippets Collected by Spacemarine9
"Here beneath the earth, we drink dust, we dine with bones. Our mouths are stuffed with herbs. What uncoils in our hearts?" - Proverbs 41:3

"When you lie down, your name is forgotten. In the absence of names, yea, your sleep shall be sweet." - Proverbs 3:24

"The waters were gathered together, the floods slept in the Sun's blindness, and the depths rose like the Moon, in the light at the edge of the sea." - Exodus 15:8

"For I was hungry, and I ate you. I was thirsty, and I drank you" - ALL:SHALL

"I was hungry, and you gave me only the pelt of trees. I was thirsty and you gave me only ink." - BE:WELL

Notable ClergymenEdit

The Bishop of Southwark is a giant wrestler and former cavalryman who hopes to lead a new invasion of Hell (even though the Campaign of '68 failed disastrously). They say his miter is made of iron. He ran unsuccessfully for Mayor of London in 1894.
Stfiacres The Bishop of St. Fiacre's (Ambition: Heart's Desire)

The Bishop of St. Fiacre's is a Snuffer. He's more benign than other Snuffers, but like the rest of his kind, he's looking for the secrets of the Mountain of Light. He is also one of the players of the card game called the Marvellous.

His sister is the Woman in Yellow, who is featured in Flint.

One can assume his heart's desire is, in fact, the Mountain itself!

Who Works With the Church?Edit

Note: some individuals of these types also collaborate with Revolutionaries.

What Do Bishops Have In Their Cellars?Edit

Whatever it is, the Affable Monsignor will trade it.