"You're ushered into his office off Mansion's Pyre: a cramped room with a vast desk. He surveys you across that desk. 'Ah yes. The merchant-captain of whom we hear such complicated things.' "

260px-SS Characters The Dark-Spectacled Admiral

Art from Sunless Sea.

The Dark-Spectacled Admiral is the leader of the Empire's naval fleet... well, what's left of it after Hell was through with it. While the Admiral does not have much to work with, he still manages to keep his nation informed and afloat thanks to his hiring brave zee-captains to assist him. This assistance covers anything from collecting standard port reports of the coming and going of ships to delivering vital intelligence that could change London's fate. The Admiral also has a network of informants and spies in nearly every port and faction in the Neath, waiting for captains to relay any intel they have gathered. The Admiral is a cold and efficient man, and is loyal only to his city.

The Admiral is normally levelheaded, but shows concern regarding three things. One is his nearly useless title of Admiral, considering the fact London hardly has a navy for him to lead. Another is Station III - he has his subordinates quickly destroy any evidence regarding its existence. The last is anything to do with Station V, the Grand Geode, as his significant rival (and possibly former intimate) the Voracious Diplomat is competing with him for this information.