THE SUN THE SUN THE SUN THE SUN!! Art from (not-so-) Sunless Sea.

The Dawn Machine is a huge light-creating machine/false-Judgement that lies between the southern border of the Neath and the Carnelian Coast. It was manufactured by June and the Admiralty. It started out as a benevolent project to try to bring light and order to the Neath, before the Machine developed a will of its own, beginning to control the minds of its followers - a splinter group of the Admiralty, called the New Sequence - and looking to impose its own regime.

Those under the Machine's influence possess unique eyes, with striking amber irises and gold-speckled sclera; their perception is changed, allowing them to sense law and lawlessness. It is entirely possible to straight-up reject the New Sequence after being exposed to the Machine, like the Carnelian Exile, but it seems to have a similar addictive effect to being exposed to true sunlight.

For some reason, these "Bright-Eyed" cannot enter Frostfound.

The New Sequence Edit

The New Sequencers seem to mainly rely on the Admiralty's own structure - the Commodore is the leading authority on Grand Geode, the Sequence's base at Zee. To be entirely fair to them, the Machine's regime mostly resembles what the Sequence had in mind, before the false-star started thinking it had better ideas than its creators when it came to achieving infinite happiness and prosperity for London. Shame about their free will, though. After the colonisation of the High Wilderness, the New Sequence became an officially recognized belief.

There's a rogue group of New Sequencers in Our Lady of Pyres, who were banished from Grand Geode and who think that the Machine is lonely and requires contact with other stars. They plan to go to the High Wilderness as messengers.

(compiled by waltzingOphidian)