THE SUN THE SUN THE SUN THE SUN!! Art from (not-so-) Sunless Sea.

The Dawn Machine is a huge light-creating machine/false-Judgement that lies between the southern border of the Neath and the Carnelian Coast. It was made by an Admiralty splinter group called the New Sequence, who seek to unleash the light of the false Sun upon the Neath. It started out as a benevolent project to try to bring light and order to the Neath, before the Machine developed a will of its own, beginning to control the minds of its followers and looking to impose its own regime.

To be entirely fair to the New Sequence, the Machine's regime mostly resembles what the Sequence had in mind, before the false-star started thinking it had better ideas than its creators when it came to achieving infinite happiness and prosperity for London. Shame about their free will, though.

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