“What’s the Flit? A bad altitude. The Flit is where you go when you're no longer welcome at ground level. Or if you really rate a good view from your window.”


Art from FL

The Flit
is London's hidden aerial district, located above Spite and constructed out of ladders and rope bridges between the rooftops and chimneys. It's a hiding place for shadowy sorts: criminals, spies, urchins, and even revolutionaries. It's also the perfect place to plan heists from, since it grants sneaky accessibility to practically everywhere: essential for casing a potential target, and for carrying out the heist itself.

You may need to bribe the urchins for a way in, but once you've learnt the ropes (quite literally), you won't have to pay again. (Just be careful during the races. It's humiliating at best, tumbling down into Spite.)

Notable LocationsEdit

Original by NiteBrite/Mrs. Brite