"You see a bare cave. People huddle on the other side of the lens. Their regalia is archaic: the skin of a spotted cat, a beaked head-dress of red beads, a serpent-headed staff. They're tattooed and emaciated, clearly starving."


The God-Eaters were a trio of Third City priest-kings. After bartering their Mesoamerican city to the Bazaar in exchange for the flesh of a god, they grew monstrous and became immortal.

The priests were the Cat, known to some as the Mottled Man, his sharp teeth, his skin mottled like the fur of a jungle cat; the Red Bird, with her feathers of cinnabar; and the Serpent, with hands like snakes.

For the record, the unfortunate “god” devoured by the priest-kings was Mr. ... well, we won't speak his name. The incident has left the traces that remain of him quite cross. Very cross.

Original by Balclutha.

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