"Hell's client-state. Be wary. Their laws are not the laws of Man or Nature."

"Freedom from laws and tyrants. All laws and tyrants, without exception."

"City of anarchists! Friend to Hell! A place where the laws of men and nature are equally forfeit!" (Alt text: "The Sex Pistols had it right then?")


Art from Sunless Sea

The Iron Republic is a chaotic colony of Hell, permanently free of tyrants... and laws. All laws and tyrants. Including those humans previously thought were impossible to repeal, such as gravity. Visitors often stay until numbers stop working, or they will at least be subjected to constantly shifting norms. The laws change every day, with no rhyme or reason (except possibly protestors advocating a change to something more convenient, which is known to work on occasion).


Art from FL

A real-life connection?
The changes in the laws of the Republic on a daily basis may be inspired by The Lottery in Babylona story by Jorge Luis Borges.
Nemesis Ambition: Nemesis
Those seeking their rivals will go here in search of Scathewick, the man who was hired to kill their loved one. But who hired him?