"I have, I fear, at last determined the cause of our poor Leopold's sad disappearance. You will recall that I sent by the Borneo a very considerable collection of [illegible] ... identified one variety as the sinister exile's rose of the Bosphorus. Sophia had long admired their colour [illegible] ... gardens here about the Government-house [illegible] ... although here they call it 'lion's rose'. Singapura is Lion City in the Sanskrit [illegible] ... There are of course no lions here, though many tigers. I would not mention this except that when I dream of Leopold, as still I often do, it has always seemed to me that there is a great cat present, the colour of sunset, which is also the colour of the roses..."


No cats to be seen here. Just a pretty little island. Art from SS.

The Isle of Cats is ruled by a man named Leopold, who is now known as the Pirate King and is originally from the Surface. He controls all trade on the island, and all the traders and pirates bear his mark (a pair of amber stones). Half of these inhabitants believe he can turn into a tiger and eat them in their dreams. In truth, the Pirate King was probably the first person to taste prisoner's honey in centuries.

The Melliferous Sisters, his servants, gather the honey that keeps the money flowing. Each sister was originally a novice member of the Sisters of the Rock (who live on Abbey Rock). When the Pirate King bested their abbess in battle, which was no small task considering these are fighting nuns we're talking about, she was forced to give him the novices.

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