"London's rival. An oasis of light in the salt black wastes. Canals thread the painted city. Street-lamps glow and water-taxis putter."


Khan's Heart

The Khanate, also called the New Khanate, is one of the nations of the Unterzee and London's chief rival. It is currently led by an individual known as the Leopard, the head of the Leopard clan. Its residents, the Khaganians, are the descendants of the Fourth City, Karakorum, that was brought to the Neath by the Bazaar centuries before London. (The ruins of the Fourth City can be found on the outskirts of London.)

At some point after the Fourth City's relocation, the Khaganians abandoned it and ventured far across the Unterzee, eventually founding Khan's Heart, a new city, and Khan's Glory, home to the palaces of the ruling clan leaders. A schism between the Khanate's leaders and its warrior caste led to an ongoing civil war, with the warriors breaking away to found Khan's Shadow in order to preserve their way of life.

Despite having arrived in the Neath centuries ago, modern Khanate technology not only equals London's, but in some cases surpasses it. The Khanate utilizes both electricity and firearms, and maintains a formidable navy. London's Admiralty is often puzzled by the juxtaposition of the Khanate's "barbarism" with such advanced technological acumen.