"Everyone has heard of the Museum of Mistakes. Hardly anyone has been inside it."


(art from SS)

"The Museum of Mistakes; a dusty old institution on Ladybones Road run by the Ministry of Public Decency, and a damnable pain to actually get into. It holds all sorts of ancient things, reminders of old indiscretions and errors. Whether they’re actually genuine or not is another question entirely. 

The Museum has seventy-seven doors, but not all of them are real; some are just painted onto the wall, others hold traps designed to give any intruder a really miserable day. Perhaps it’d be best just to get in legitimately… but that might be an even riskier prospect than breaking and entering, given how treacherous the bureaucratic labyrinth that is the official entry process tends to be. Secretaries have been known to get lost somewhere inside it. 

If you actually did manage to get in, here are some of the sights you might see; a corroded brass microscope smelling faintly of ammonia, old musket-balls, jade carvings, a half-eaten fig, a three thousand year old bit of black sailcloth, First City Coins, Polythremian knives, diamonds, a stuffed two-headed bat, two locks of hair; one amber, one dark. Maybe you’ll even get into the Dadd Wing, if you remembered to fill out the entirely different application form for another ticket entirely. No, probably not, then."

text by Spacemarine9