"It drips eagerly. Perhaps if it comes to your cabin you should put down some sort of matting."


Is that a scar on its head? (art from Sunless Sea)

The Nacreous Outcast was abandoned in Port Cecil to be a slave to the Principles of Coral because its views opposed those of its fellow Rubbery Men. Given that it can speak English, it can be inferred that it loved a human. (The thought!)
from TVTropes (spoilers for Sunless Sea)
"The Nacreous Outcast has it bad. His kind was already discriminated against by the people of London, but in addition to that, his own people shunned him as well for reasons he refuses to go into. It eventually became a servant of the Principles of Coral who more or less has the Outcast gather materials for its own death and then forces it to play a chess match where it will die if it loses. The Outcast is well aware of what is happening during the match and is visibly shaking in fear the whole time, but is powerless to stop it. Thankfully you have the option of throwing the match."