"Relickers are the rag-and-bone men of Mr Cups. They salvage junk and occasionally pay for it."

Mr Cups will take anyone in to be one of his Relickers, regardless of their path in life. Perhaps he doesn't check. Each Relicker chooses a rat to follow and/or guard them. Each of them wears a mask when performing their rounds.

The Head RelickersEdit

The Capering Relicker


Originally an inhabitant of the First City and the Manager of the Royal Bethlehem's uncle. He was the first to brew Hesperidean Cider, and the only one to follow its visions and obtain true immortality. He trades in infernal goods, but despite this, devils refuse to deal with him. He wears a green mask.

His rat, Gulliver, lived in the Brass Embassy before devils did, and angered them when they moved in. He sticks close to the Capering Relicker for protection.

There is a theory that he is actually Utnapishtim, based on the fact that he is the Manager’s Uncle.

The Coquettish Relicker


This knowledgeable lady trades in fabrics; her much-neglected rat's name is Mathilde. She seems to know quite a bit about the mysteries of the Neath, as well as the secrets of its denizens.

The Curt Relicker


A former member of the Calendar Council who now trades in rumors; he was expelled because he fell in love with December. He also claims he used to be a dirigible pilot! His rat, Montgomery (Monty), seems to genuinely care about him, which is... eh, unusual for a rat.

The Shivering Relicker


An accomplished scholar (and possibly revolutionary) who decided to study the Correspondence and the deepest mysteries of the Neath. It did not go well.

Her rat is called Pinnock, and his job is to make sure she does her job properly and doesn't run away. He keeps her drugged with laudanum. Pinnock is the largest of the Relickers' rats - he has been compared to a badger!

Why are there no foxes in London?
They say that once the foxes asked the Masters for dominion over waste and refuse. Mr Cups denied them, and gave this domain to the rats instead - which is why each Relicker has a rat, since the Relickers collect waste. The foxes then left for the Elder Continent, and now there are none in London.