"Few die in Fallen London. They come here instead."

"Tomb-colonists: technically, passengers rather than goods. But you'd never know it to talk to them."


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The Tomb-Colonies: home to outcasts, the generally disgraced, and of course, zombies. (Well, Fallen Londoners call them tomb-colonists, but still... they're undead.) These dreary encampments lie north of London.

Only Londoners in exile may visit the general area. However, there are tomb-colonists residing in London proper, so it's possible to get acquainted with them if you have a fascination with the morbid. Venderbight is the only port open to those who wish to travel to the Tomb-Colonies by zee.


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The source of some of London's candles?
Tomb-colonist fat. Eww.


"A cheerless nook in a far corner of the Neath. Known chiefly for its flowstone, its masks and its depraved bats."

Venderbight is the largest tomb-colony. There are some amenities for visitors, given that it's the area's only port, but these are... rather meager. But of course, if most of the residents are undead, they are not usually necessary.
The First Curator...
... is a survivor of the fall of the Third City. Even for a tomb-colonist, he/she/it (nobody can tell) is truly old and withered.
The Grand Sanatorium
Likely the largest building in the Tomb-Colonies; it is where some tomb-colonists go to waste away into nothing. They consider this more dignified than the alternatives, such as being eaten by frost moths or dying in combat. There is some debate over this.

What do Tomb-Colonists trade in?Edit