"On long evenings at the Medusa's Head, where the monster-hunters drink, they brag about the beasts they've bagged - the Cantigaster, the Eater-of-Chains, the Spider Council, Jack-of-Smiles in his many bodies. But no-one tells stories about the Vake: the Vake, for whose head the Department offers a standing reward of four million Echoes. Four million."

"When the Vake is mentioned, everyone goes quiet. No-one has any boastful stories. Why?"

"What is the Vake? They say it's not a monster at all. They say it's a man who dresses up as a bat. To, ah, prowl the city by night. But that would just be stupid."

"caught incarcerated caged two dozen centuries no space no space to spread my wings !unbearable! !release me! Spit venom at my judas gaolers may their kohl eyes gender worms may their bones burn in their flesh !unbearable! !release me!"

The Vake is a fearsome batlike monster that has a ridiculous bounty on its head; nevertheless, few hunt it or even speak of it, for the Vake's primary prey is Vake-hunters. Players attempting to Bag a Legend are hunting for this creature.

Some of the stranger newspapers of the Neath claim to run interviews with it, but these are, for the most part, with persons under the influence of Black Wings Absinthe. Probably.

Who is the Vake? (Ambition: Bag a Legend)

"The Mother Superior settles into your comfiest chair. "The Vake is a Master," she says. "Perhaps you'd already guessed that."

The Vake is one of the Masters of the Bazaar - specifically, Mr Veils. But why does he assume this disguise?