"The kind of diplomacy that doesn't get written down. I'm attached to the Admiralty, not the Foreign Office. London is not what she was, but she still has interests abroad. I look after them as best I can. I do hope you're patriotic enough not to ask for too many details."

260px-SS voraciousdiplomatgaz

The Voracious Diplomat is a powerful and influential member of London's Admiralty. They "work" with the Dark-Spectacled Admiral in collecting intel and assisting in London's recovery. However, the two hold some animosity toward each other, due to the many differences in how each believes they should proceed. While the Admiral is a more traditional and by-the-books man, the Diplomat resorts to more aggressive and intrusive means of gathering intel. The Diplomat's agents are ruthless and efficient, compared to the Admiral's network of reluctant and desperate informants. They are not above even assisting Zee-captains in setting up their own networks to compete in the Great Game.

It is also strongly implied that the Diplomat is also an informant and possible member of the New Sequence, the followers of the Dawn Machine. The Diplomat will often attempt to outbid the Admiral for nearly any information about it that is turned in.