Some resources to use when creating pages: The Fallen London and Sunless Sea forums. The subforums for both games have lore sections that are absolutely worth the read. The semi-official Fallen London wiki. Has some lore, but you'll have to look through the pages for many of the options in each storylet to find juicy lore. The semi-official Sunless Sea wiki. Useful for location information, art, and occasionally things like the Neathbow. Outdated Fallen London wiki. Has a bit of character/location info. NiteBrite's FL/SS tumblr. She's done some amazing stuff - beaten Mr. Iron at Knife and Candle, for example. She also has some great lore info. Spacemarine9's Fallen London Q&A tumblr. Very, very good and addictive lore source. Over 500 pages of posts. A lot of the early content is about Seeking Mr. Eaten's Name - quite useful if you're wondering what that was like. - Saint-Arthur's lore-related posts up until this past June, with tags. Much easier to read through because there's no gameplay stuff to skip over. Spacemarine9's Sunless Sea Q&A tumblr. Also a very good and addictive lore source, but it's newer and smaller - only about 50 pages of posts.

Let me know if there are any more I should add!

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