"One stretch of black shingled beach and tumbled boulders looks much like another. Where is she hiding?"


Art from FL

Otherwise known as Dr. Vaughan's Hidden Encampment, or A Secluded Coastline. It is unknown exactly where it is, other than that it's an island in the Southern Archipelago. 
Box The Affair of the Box
Dr Vaughan is wanted by the Masters for questioning, so she's on the run, and talks to you here. She explains what a moon-miser is - they live on the false-stars, their milk (moon-milk) is very dangerous but powerful, their shed carapaces are what glim is, and they are rather vicious. This is because she thinks the box in question has a moon-miser in it!
Lightfingers Ambition: Light Fingers
Dr. Vaughan tells enterprising diamond thieves of one of the few hybrid humans in the Neath, the unborn daughter of a woman named Clarabelle. This baby-to-be is half Moon-Miser, and its birth will kill Clarabelle. (Dr. Vaughan's obviously an expert on the creature.)