"What can you find at Watchmaker's Hill? A sinister fungal wilderness by the river. The Department of Menace Eradication subcontracts the adventurous to deal with the things that slither out of Bugsby's Marshes. An observatory atop the hill employs only blind men."


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Watchmaker's Hill
is a district in southeastern London, on the south side of the Stolen River (Thames) and just beyond Bugsby's Marshes. As befitting a district in the hinterlands of the city, Watchmaker's Hill is one of the more dangerous places in London. 

Notable BusinessesEdit

  • Watchmaker's hill
    The Department of Menace Eradication pays hunters of various pests - up to and including snuffers - for their work. But they won't touch creatures that fly. This is evidence that they might be connected to the Presbyterate or other powers on the Elder Continent.
  • The Medusa's Head Tavern is a popular and especially dangerous tavern, even for Watchmaker's Hill. Bar fights are not uncommon.
  • The Observatory is inhabited by blind astronomers staring at a non-sky. They were all blinded by sorrow-spiders, and have dealings with spider-councils.

Old Name: Greenwich