"This is Wilmot's End! Whispered about in the stories of the Great Game. It's where the serious business of London's spycraft happens, if the stories are to be believed. ... It's studded with monuments and statuary from outside London. Gifts from foreign powers, for the most part. Here is a bulb-tipped brass minaret from the Iron Republic. There is a rainbow glass statue of a horseman from the Presbyterate."

"The Foreign Office occupies two of the larger minarets and a copper pagoda in Wilmot's End. Wipe your feet."


(art from Fallen London)

Wilmot's End is a hidden area of Tyrant's Gardens (near Veilgarden) and is the true base of the Great Game. It also happens to be the location of London's Foreign Office. London's more skilled individuals spend time here: the more Persuasive have recently been banished from the Empress' Court and are job-hunting at the Foreign Office, while the more Shadowy tend to be hunting for missing persons.

Investigating the Foreign Office [Fate Spoilers]

The Foreign Office itself is almost completely independent of the rest of London's government, and is instead ruled by two groups: the Face, who are London's diplomats (and they're cannibals), and the Teeth, who make up London's spy network (and are all Snuffers).

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